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Procedures and Services

Dr. Wright is a total eye care provider offering the following services:
  • Laser Surgery
    Lasers of several different kinds are used in the treatment of eye disorders. In Lasik the laser beam flattens or steepens the curvature of the cornea. YAG laser is used to remove residual cloudiness that sometimes follows cataract surgery. Argon laser is used to treat certain retinal conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Lasers are also used to treat some forms of glaucoma.

  • Cataract Surgery
    Cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye. Phacoemulsification is the most up to date technique of cataract surgery. A small probe inserted thought a small incision uses ultrasound to break up and remove the cataractous cloudy lens. An artificial intraocular lens is then positioned within the eye.

    Cataract surgery is done as out patient surgery using local or topical anesthesia.

  • Glaucoma Surgery
    Glaucoma surgery creates drainage channel to remove fluid from within the eye in order to lower the pressure within the eye.

  • Lasik
    Lasik uses a combination of surgery and laser to change the curvature of the cornea, the clear cover of the eye that focuses incoming light. It is an option for many patients who wish to be independent of glasses or contact lenses.

    A thorough examination along with discussion of pros and cons of Lasik and its alternatives are essential for any patient who is considering having the procedure done..

  • Contact Lens Fittings
    Dr. Wright and his staff have wide experience in contact lens technology and fitting. The first step is a complete ophthalmic examination to determine the overall health of the eye and to determine if the patient is a candidate for contact lens wear.. We then discuss in detail a variety of contact lens options that are suitable for each patient. These options may include monovision contacts to avoid reading glasses, specialty lenses such as bifocals and lenses for astigmatism, new lens materials for dry eyes, extended or daily wear disposable contact lenses.

    In order to assure that the fitted lens provides the best possible vision, comfort, and safety, a fitting process is scheduled for all first time contact wearers or those changing to a different kind of lens. Our contact lens technician then works with each patient to instruct in techniques of lens insertion, removal, and lens care.

  • Complete Ophthalmic Examination
    The first part of the examination is a refraction to determine the lens prescription needed, if any, to give the patient his or her optimum vision. The second part is a comprehensive medical examination to assess the external and internal health of the eye.


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